About South Australia


Why Choose South Australia

Thanks to its laid back ambience, natural beauty and rapidly growing industry South Australia is increasingly being chosen as the ideal place to live and do business.

From the State's vibrant capital of Adelaide, to the rugged Flinders Ranges in the north, the lush wine producing regions of the Barossa and Clare Valleys to the spectacular coastline of the Limestone Coast in the south, South Australia offers something for everyone.


With a total population of around 1.6 million, South Australia's residents are as culturally diverse as the landscape. The population of South Australia is characterised by great diversity of cultural mores, languages spoken and systems of belief. Approximately 1 in 5 South Australians are born overseas, with about half of this group born in English-speaking countries, and the other half born in countries where English is not the dominant language. Among the groups from non-English speaking countries the majority were born in Europe and Vietnam. The vibrant mix of cultures contributes to South Australia's exciting and evolving reputation as a thriving multicultural environment and the perfect location for Business Migrants.


South Australia has a rich and diverse economy and industry, emerging from its traditional rural nd mnufacturing base into an exciting trading region that demonstrates impressive growth in several industry sectors such as agriculture, aquacuture, automotive, business services, defence  and aerospace, domestic aplicances, food and beverages, high technology industries, information industry, mining and minerals, textiles, clothing nd footwear and tourism. The growing economy and exanding industry has lead to skills shortages in many industries.



South Australia offers many advantages for the business migrant in comparison to other Australian States, particularly in regards to the cost of living, business establishment costs, and management and labour costs.  The Government of South Australia is committed to helping business migrants to successfully settle in the State and help tackle the skills shortage that has arisen as a result of the thriving economy.



With a relativey low population occupying a large area equivalent to four times the size of the United Kingdom, South Australia offers plenty of room to move in wide open spaces.  Enjoying a Mediterranean climate with average summer temperatures of 29ºC and an average winter temperature of 15ºC, there are more thn 2500 hours of sunshine a year making outdoor activities popular all year round. As well as the wealth of options offered by its natural environment, South Australia has excellent cultural, health, educational and sporting facilities. All this can be enjoyed at a fraction of the cost of other Australian States. High Standard housing is affordable with house prices and rentals comparatively cheaper than other States. Likewise, essentials such as groceries are reasonably priced with Adelaide rates the best value in Australia for weekly grocery shopping.



South Australia is an ideal location for business. Located at the junction of Australias road, rail and air corridors South Australia is in many ways the Heart of Australia, offering a great geographic spring board to promote and grow any business. Many national and international companies are making South Australia their base, creating a myriad of possibilities for new investors. As well a developed manufacturing base, highly skilled workforce, first class infrastructure, competative costs and a stable and supportive government all combine to create a highly productive business environment. State and local taxes are among the lowest in Australia, well below that national average, and the stability of the workforce is another bonus for industry.



Whether it's the lure of the city, relaxing rolling hils or the crashing of waves, South Australia has a region to suit you. Each offers a range of business and investment opportunities across industries As well as the huge range of options available in the capital of Adelaide, the State's 14 regions offer investment potential in industries such as agriculture and horticultural produce, mining, forestry, fishing and aquaculture and manufacturing - particularly food and mineral processing, and tourism.


Three quarters of the State's 1.6 million residents live in the capital Adelaide which has been described by New Yorker Magazine as "possibly the last well planned and continental metropolis on Earth". Adelaide is known for its elegant architecture and laid back style offering an array of lifestyle options. And it's not just a nice place to live - Adelaide has been listed as Australia's most competative business city by international business advistory form KMPG. In addition, in its international survey of 98 cities KPMG concluded that in its population bracket Adelaide is the third most competative city in the world for business costs.



South Australia's 14 regions account for 27 per cent of South Australia's population but 50 per cent of it's export income. Each region offers a unique lifestyle with stunning scenery whether you prefer the outback, the coast, the hills or the majestic winding river, there's a place for you to call home. The South Australian regional economy is booming thanks to its richj natural resources such as opal, coal, uranium, copper, gold and gas and it's high amount of rich farming land. The wine industry is internationally renowned with regions such as Adelaide Hills, Barossa Valley and the Clare Valley attracting growing tourist numbers and adding to the States export income. There are opportunities for all kinds of businesses in a range of industries and South Australias regional skills shortage means there has never been a better time to think about a move to Australias heartland. The South Australian Government has in place a Regional Skilled and Business Migration Program that will aid in making the move to this growing and progressive State.