About Victoria


Victoria is a location for life. It had diverse and beautiful landscapeas, a clean and very green environment and a broad and strong economy supported by excellent infrastructure.


Victoria wants to share it's wealth and welcomes both business and skilled migrants to become part of the community and to contribute to the ongoing success. The Victorian Government's Skilled Migration Program (SMP) sponsored skilled and business visas, and assists people - especially those with skills in demand - to migrate to Victoria.


Victoria has a populaton of 6 million with 70% of the population living in Melbourne. Regional or metropolitan, Victoria offers a wide variety of opportunities for both career and lifestyle, along with world class educational facilities and outstading healthcare.

Ninety six per cent of Victoria's workforce is employed by smaller firms which employ 20 persons or less. There are more than 300,000 of these small and entrepreneurial firms and they have enjoyed annual growth rate above the national average and in 2017 Victoria recorded the highest population growth rate of all states.



Victoria has a mild climate with warm hot summers, mild autumns, cool to cold winters and sunny springs. In winter the average temperatures range from 6.5 to 14 degrees celcius. while the summer range is is 14 to 23 degrees celcius with the warmest months being January and February. The climate varies across the state, with the north experiencing much drier and warmer weather than the south. 


Situated on Port Phillip Bay, Melbourne is ideally located within driving distance to all Victorias regions.
Temperature: Summer, 14.3 to 25.9 oC  Winter, 6 to 13.4 oC

In 2017 for the seventh year running Melbourne took the top spot for the worlds most liveable city by the Economist Intelligence Unit's Liveability index, which ranks 140 cities on topics such as health, education, infrastructure, stability, culture and environment.

Melbourne is also one of the world most unuque cities offering the best of many worlds with a stylish blend of old and new architectire together with the finest in fashion, food, sport and entertainment.

Home to some of Australians largest sporting events, Melbourne is also home to festivals, sprawling public spaces with thousands of restaurants and cafe's embracing more that 70 different types of cuisine experiences.

Well designed and clean, Melbourne boasts an excellent public transport system and a high standard of affordable housing.



Beautiful and geographically compact, Regional Victoria offers opportunities for those seeking a peaceful, secure community environment, of clean air and vibrant towns with established infrastructure and affordable housing options.


Whether its a few hours away or a few minutes away from Mebourne Victoria delivers alpine ski resorts, vineyards, national parks and spectacuar surf and bay beaches.

On both amateur and professional levels Victorian favourites include cricket, rugby, soccer,golf, tennis and Australian Rules football.


Melbourne accounts for 75% of the employment in Victoria and two thirds of the growth will be concentrated in several sectors. Growth in modern and competative manufacturing, information and communications technology, biotechnology, health and social assistance, transport and warehousing, education and training and world-class serviice industriesare all indicators of the sophistication of Victorias economy.


...if you are a business owner wanting a new start in a vibrant and progressive country and economy, then look at Victoria as a place to work live and raise a family.


informationsupplied by
Skilled and Business Migration Program Victorian Government