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A united regional organisation proactively shaping and creating a prosperous future for Outback Queensland, the RAPAD Board is a regional organisation owned by the seven shire councils of Central Western Queensland, Australia.


RAPAD actively supports and encourages migrants relocating to this wonderful region. The seven member councils are Boulia, Diamantina, Winton, Barcoo, Longreach, Barcaldine, and Blackall-Tambo.

Temp:-Summer 24 °C to 38 °C; Winter: 7.5 °C to 23 °C

Boulia, located 1719km west of Brisbane and 300km south of Mt. Isa, is linked to Alice Springs by Donohue Highway and in its western boundary the Simpson Desert begins. The town was established in 1879 and was sited on the "Bullu Bullu" waterhole of the Bourke River. Boulia is regarded as the capital of "Channel Country" where rivers flow west to Lake Eyre. and extends as far as the corner formed by lhe Queensland, Northern Territory and South Australian Borders. Soulia is also home of the mythical Min Min Ughts. Its major, and prosperous, industries are beef cattle and wool production. 



Temp:- Summer 24 °C to 37.5 °C; Winter 7.5 °C to 23 °C

Diamantina shire consists of two main towns Birdsville and Bedourie. Bedourie is located 1600km west of Brisbane. Birdsville is 200 km south of Bedourie and is 1200km from Adelaide. Despite its size, Birdsville is a well­known destination for many Australian and international visitors. The town only hosts one horse race meeting a year, The Birdsville Races. During this event over 6,000 people swell the town's population.

The Shire's wealth lies within its cattle industry and natural environment. Located within Queensland's Channel Country, bordering South Australia and the Northern Territory, this area is renowned for producing prime quality beef. As harsh as the country may seem, It is rated as having some of the best cattle fattening areas in Australia with some of the Channel Country now accredited with "Organic Beef Certification".



Temp:- Summer 23 °C to 37 °C; Winter: 8.2 °C to 24.5 °C

Winton has a rich history with links to the Great Shearers' Strike, Waltzing Matilda and Qantas, but today the town is almost as well known for something far more ancient - dinosaurs. The largest dinosaur skeleton found in Australia, a 20-30 tonne sauropod nicknamed 'Elliot', was discovered on a property outside Winton in 1999. Lark Quarry, south-west of Winton, contains the only record of a dinosaur stampede. The region's low annual rainfall make it ideal for sheep and up to 1.5 million sheep have been grazed during past good seasons. Residents have diversified into new economic opportunities such as the boulder opal industry which contributes significantly to the local economy. The Waltzing Matilda Centre is a popular tourist attraction.



Temp:- Summer 23.5 °C to 37 °C: Winter: 6.5 °C to 21.5 °C

Barcoo Shire, one of the largest and most remote shires in Queensland, consists of three towns, Jundah, Stonehenge, and Windorah. Jundah is the administration centre of the shire. Windorah was established in the 1880s. Its current name is the aboriginal name for "place of large fish". The mighty Coopers Creek begins its journey towards Lake Eyre above Windorah at the junction of the Barcoo and Thompson Rivers. Stonehenge, 151km south west of Longreach and 66km north east of Jundah was named, as other towns in the Central West, after towns and areas in the United Kingdom. The Barcoo shire boasts rich sheep and beef grazing lands.



Temp:- Summer 22.6°C to 35.8°C: Winter 7°C to 23.5°C

Longreach shires thriving regional centre, also named Longreach, features all the services and facilities of a modern city whilst retaining simple, rustic character and charm, with a population of 4,700. This town was built around the sheep and cattle industries that thrive on the vast Mitchell Grass plains. Today however, tourism is a major industry, with Longreach boasting the Australian Stockman's Hall of Fame and Qantas Founders Outback Museum. Longreach is the major centre for government services with many Queensland departments located there.



Temp:- Summer 22.7 °C to 35 °C: Winter Max. 8 °C to 22.6 °C

Barcaldine is 273 metres above sea level, with an area of 53,677 sq km in Central West Queensland (440 km west of Rockhampton). The shire has an approximate population of 3,500. The chief industries are cattle, sheep and wool, macropod harvesting, with mining also being a prospect for the future. The shire's regional city, also named Barcaldine, is well known as the Garden City of the West and has a population of approximately 1900. Residentially Barcaldine is an ideal town to settle in, with its fertile soil ideal for gardening, and plenty of amenities such as parks and playgrounds, sporting fields, Olympic swimming pool, tree-lined streets, health services and hospital, unrestricted water and electricity supplies and general civic pride.



Temp:- Summer 23.1°C to 35.6°C; Winter 7.9°C to 22.6°C

Situated approximately 900 kms no,th-west of Brisbane, the region has two towns, Blackall and Tambo. Blackall is the larger town, while Tambo is considered to be the oldest town in Central Queensland. Both towns' offer a quality lifestyle that is quiet, peaceful, safe and relaxed. Tambo's tranquil lake enhances the beauty of Tambo's natural environment. Blackall has an aquatic centre with the addition of a warm artesian bore to relax in. The region was originally thought of as farming and grazing land for sheep, however the economy has now diversified into cattle, tourism and timber milling, as well as a retail and general services base. In addition to a diversified economy there is a well developed community spirit.


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