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Imagine waking up every morning to blue skies and sunshine and the chance to enjoy golden sandy beaches, lush rainforests, spectacular coral reefs or rolling mountain ranges. In Queensland the choice is yours.

You can either live in a cosmopolitan city close to the arts and outdoor cafe culture. Or you can enjoy living in a relaxed regional centre where you are an iimportant member of a close-knit regional community.

Temp: Southern Queensland Summer 20.1ºC to 30.3ºC; Winter 7ºC to 21ºC
Temp: Northern Queensland Summer 24.2ºC to 31.3ºC; Winter 13.6ºC to 25ºC

Queensland has an enviable lifestyle and safe environment where you can balance work with family. People are friendly and the weather is ideal for sports and exploring the real outdoors. Over 20 per cent on Queenslanders are born overseas bringing diversity in culture, foods and festivals that is second to none.

Innovative business practices and rapid economic growth combined with a relaxed lifestyle has won Queensland international recognition as one of the most sought after locations to live, work and play in the Asia-Pacific region.

Internationally renowned as Australia's Smart State, Queenslands economic growth has outpaced the rest of Australia for more than a decade. The Smart State's dynamic economy and progressive government means there are many employment and business opportunities for migrants.

With Queensland Australia's most decentralised State, the Queensland Government places great emphasis on providing and maintaining efficient transport, export and telecommunictaions infrastructure.

The State's road systems are extensive, modern and well maintained. The South-East region has a integrated public transport system making travel easy. Queensland has the largest rail network in Australia, three international airports and more deep water ports than any other state

Queensland has a world class eductaion system consisting of both public and private institutions. There are 10 highly ranked universities throughout the State which offer hundreds of courses to over 40,000 international students from more than 70 countries who come to Queensland to study.

Throughout Queensland there are over 1,700 schools which provide a caring and nurturing environment for children to grow and develop. Queensland schools are leaders in supplying technology to education. Queenslands tertiary institutions are renowned for leading research and high quality graduates.

The State is home to nine universities which offer a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses in disciplines such as information technology and telecommunications, interacative and multimedia technology, engineering science, health and recreation, law, business and economics.

Queensland has a number of distinct regions, each with its own character. Many regions have large regional centres as well as smaller communities.

The Queensland Government's Smart State Strategy promoted solid growth throughout the whole of Queensland on knowledge intensive sectors and traditional sectors.

Queensland's regions are increasingly becoming important centres of excellence for biotechnology, aviation and aerospace, information and communications technology as wee al tourism, agriculture, minerals processing and food and wine industries.

Four hours north of Brisbane the Wide Bay-Burnett region is an important location for the growing aviation, marine manufacturing, information technology, health and aquaculture sectors. It is also the southernmost gateway to the Great Barrier Reef.

Further North the regional centres of Gladstone and Townsville are known around the world for minerals and light metals processing. Both centres have easy access to popular coastal and island resort holiday destinations.

Queensland's northernmost gateway, Cairns, is increasingly being recognised as an important business base for aquaculture, environment management, film and television, arts and culture, bio industries, aviation, health sector and information and communications technology.

Migrants play an important part in Queensland's economic growth and cultural diversity. The Queensland Government encourages migration and invites migrants to take advantage of the employment and business opportunities offered.

Migrants may apply for State sponsorship including the Business Migrant Visa. The Government provides sponsorship to migrants under business owner, business talent and investor categories.

An extensive range of business services are available for use by migrants including accessing business specialists located at State Development and Innovation Centres located throughour Queensland

The Queensland Government provides a wide range of assistance to intending skilled and business migrants, including advice and information on: 

•    Living and working in Queensland
•     Business and industry and links to relevant business resources and industry contacts
•     Business regulations and licence requirements 
•    Queensland Government sponsorship requirements and visa options
•    Assessment of sponsorship applications
•    Aftercare services

Migration and Skills Recruitment Quô€€˜eensiand, Department of Employment, Economic Development and Innovation